Insurance with Real Benefits

At Indequity we strive to ensure that our select clientele receive the finest products for the best price, backed by excellent service and personal attention. Complementary to our existing exclusive insurance offerings, we have joined forces with a select group of premium partners and are delighted to introduce a range of real non-insurance benefits which we have negotiated for our clients – a first in the insurance industry and exclusively available to Indequity clients. Our partners offer these benefits to you in the same Indequity fashion – with excellent service and personal attention.

If you are looking for real, significant benefits and savings which will make a difference on items you normally spend most on, our benefits are for you. As always, we endeavour to offer you the most attractive products in an uncomplicated, transparent manner. You will instantly gain from your Indequity benefits, instead of hoping to reap some reward through highly complex and technical “points based loyalty or rewards programs”, and which often proves to be immaterial or even worthless to you.

There is no limitation on the amount of benefits which you can get, and no minimum spend is required to qualify for the benefits. There is no monthly fee to access the benefits and best of all, is you do not have to continuously work to earn your benefits. All you need to do to have access to our benefits is be an Indequity client. Even if you claim, you will still be entitled to significant benefits – unlike elsewhere in the industry where you forfeit your benefits after having an unfortunate event which resulted in a claim. More likely than not, depending on your usage of your Indequity benefits, the savings from your Indequity benefits may well exceed your annual Indequity insurance premiums.

Our clear, transparent and easy to understand benefits are designed to reward all our clients, but even more so our loyal clients who have a good claims track record with us. Your benefits are dependent on your tier status ranging from White to Black, determined solely based on your uninterrupted insurance period with Indequity as well as your claims history, as depicted in the table below. The higher your status, the more significant your benefits will be.

How to use your benefits

To use your Indequity Benefits, you can simply contact our partners directly by clicking on their logos below and quote your Indequity policy number.

For general information on our benefits programme, please contact your Indequity Client Executive.



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