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The Indequity Group entered the insurance market in 1996 as an insurance broker writing personal lines business on behalf of the larger insurance companies in South Africa.  The Group was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in November 1998. As anticipated, these operations earned small but stable fixed broker commissions on a monthly basis.  The reason for pursuing this model was to establish a business that had a stable annuity income (an asset in its own right).  Growth was steady but remained dependent on the service and pricing levels of the insurance companies with which we placed our business.

From the outset the Indequity Group targeted the professional/high net worth market. To enable us to provide the pricing structure essential to this niche market, we endeavoured to expand our operations to include an unrestricted Short Term Insurance Licence.

An opportunity presented itself when a captive insurer became available for sale, and the Indequity Group purchased this company in November 2000.  The licence conditions were, however, very limited in that the newly-purchased insurer could only write cell captive and alternative risk transfer business. An application was therefore lodged with the South African Financial Services Board to extend these licence conditions to a full short-term insurance licence which would allow the company to write all classes of insurance.  Approval was received from the Board early in 2002, thus transforming an already successful company into an entity that continues to strive to become a leading specialised global financial services organisation which will grow and prosper for the benefit of all its stakeholders over the longer term.

Following this development, and based on the experience gained in the previous years as an insurance broker, we developed a unique personal lines product that focused specifically on the target market’s requirements. The product was launched in September 2002 and active marketing commenced in January 2003.

Following the success of the Uniq-cover personal lines product, our product offering was expanded to include a business insurance product that would encapsulate the professional needs of our clients. Thus was launched Probiz, a distinctive short term insurance policy that offers peace of mind to the professional’s business.

The size of our business and operating units is a vital factor in our business model, one that we are committed to preserving. It gives us the flexibility to handle the largest projects our clients might contemplate whilst retaining the loyalty, close relations and camaraderie that we enjoy with them.

Our core strength and greatest wealth lie in the abilities, commitment and passion of our management and staff. Integrity, honesty and accountability are at the heart of our business. To this end, our employees adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct and ethical standards in everything they do.

We strive to attract and retain exceptional individuals by encouraging teams to take ownership of projects and business units. This allows them the freedom to operate within clearly defined risk parameters while accepting the accompanying responsibility.


Our strategic goals are to:

Specialise in our selected market niches so as to compete more effectively in these corporate arenas;

Provide unique, tailored solutions to complex risks and problems for each individual client by emphasising ingenious creativity in all we do;

Emphasise client-driven transactions so that our success as a Group can follow;

Identify and attract exceptional people to the Group and retain such talent, giving us the means to become an extraordinary organisation;

Establish and build a strong capital position by securing the permanent capital required to build the global infrastructure necessary to better serve our clients;

Strive for a long-term return on capital in excess of 20% per annum, while being disciplined about allocating capital to areas where we believe the potential rewards justify the risk;

Deliver superior growth in earnings per share in the 15 to 20% range, by leveraging our main assets – our people, capital and reputation;

Establish, acquire and build a synergistic business.


Our Key Strenghts:

Our management and staff, whose exceptional talents, intense efforts and commitment to their clients form the cornerstones of our past performance and future growth strategy;

Our culture, in which teamwork, integrity, honesty, excellence and entrepreneurship are valued, allowing Indequity to compete successfully with much larger companies;

Our loyal clients, who choose us not because of the size of our balance sheet, but because of our proven track record and the excellent service they receive;

Our reputation for excellence and our commitment to being the best, but not necessarily the biggest;

Our unique, innovative products, designed and developed around the ever-changing financial needs of our clients.

In a world of unrelenting change our ability to adapt to diverse financial markets, our commitment to discover innovative new solutions and our promise to deliver value to our stakeholders, will form the building blocks of our continued success. Our primary objective of creating prosperity for all our stakeholders remains pivotal as we extend our capabilities globally, thereby gaining access to the world’s major financial markets. We acknowledge that meeting the challenge of attracting and retaining a superior workforce is imperative. We also acknowledge that the unique culture and environment in which we operate will remain a critical element in our success and long-term prosperity.

We will therefore nurture the commitment, passion, unwavering self-esteem and determination that form the fabric of our Group with the aim of securing even stronger positions within our areas of operation. The stage is set for a positive future, and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring.

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