Electronics Benefits

“Affordable Luxury Electronics with Indequity”

Indequity partnered with Ultitron to offer you the latest and most luxurious electronics at affordable prices.

Ultitron offers the best quality products, with the best service, at the best prices available. Their staff are devoted to customer satisfaction, and they aim to deliver superb service for each and every order and offer their customers highly personalised service.

All Ultitron’s products are authentic products, are supplied by original equipment manufacturers and are therefore covered by the original equipment manufacturers’ warranties in South Africa. As the price leaders in the market, Ultitron provide customers with the best prices on their products amongst authentic electronic resellers. Their prices are transparent, all-inclusive, with no hidden costs.

Over and above this, Indequity has negotiated exclusive deals with Ultitron for Indequity clients, which means that you as an Indequity client will qualify for additional discounts off Ultitron’s market leading prices. Your discounts will be based on your Indequity tier status.


How to Order

Please contact Ultitron on or 011 034 4100 to obtain your discounted pricing, or to enquire about the availability of products not specifically listed on their website. For more information click here 

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