Probiz – Office Contents

Please note: The following is only a guide to assist you in determining insurance needs and should be seen as such. Your proposal form, policy document and schedule should be seen as your contract with Indequity Specialised Insurance Ltd, in conjunction with all other correspondence that may be sent to you from time to time. These are the legal documents forming the basis of our contract with you and should be consulted in all instances.

Office Content cover would include the items normally found inside your office and would include movable property inside the building noted on your schedule as well as movable property designed to exist or operate outside, at the address noted on your schedule, and which belongs to you or is your responsibility.

This cover however excludes money, current postage or revenue stamps, cancelled and uncancelled coupons, securities, bearer bonds, cheques, drafts and any written order to pay a certain sum in money, any written evidence of indebtedness or obligation and all property carried or held as samples or for sale or for delivery after sale, computer software and computer data carrying media unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

The following items are not insured under the Contents section:

Documents (this cover is optional)
Fixtures and fittings – tenant’s fixtures and fittings and fixed glass forming part of the structure of the building
Contact lenses and prescription spectacles
Cell phones and pagers
Portable electronic equipment such as notebooks, computer accessories, digital recorders
Photographic and navigation equipment
All other equipment designed to be used off-site
Other items which you have specifically covered under the Business All Risks section (noted on your schedule)
Stock on your premises and stock in transit
Electronic business equipment (including computers, licensed software,
Scanners, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, projectors, audio and visual equipment)
Money (including cash, cheques and other negotiable instruments), securities and stamps
Jewellery and precious stones
Designs, patterns, models or moulds
Motor vehicles and accessories thereof
Property outside the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Malawi

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