Uniq-Cover – Household Contents

Please note: The following is only a guide to assist you in determining your insurance needs and should be seen as such. Your proposal form, policy document and schedule should be seen as your contract with Indequity Specialised Insurance Ltd, in conjunction with all other correspondence that may be sent to you from time to time. These are the legal documents forming the basis of our contract with you and should be consulted in all instances.

Household contents insurance covers all items found in your place of residence that you would normally take with you when you move house. These items must be insured for replacement value, ensuring that you are not under-insured. The onus rests upon you to insure your possessions for the correct value and to notify us in writing of any changes. Computers that are not removed from the residence are covered under household contents insurance for theft and lightning damage. Cover for damage arising from municipal power surges is provided only if the computer is specified, or if optional Power Surge cover has been selected. Please remember to specify your software if necessary. Lightning protectors are required in areas where electrical storms are a common occurrence, specifically for computers and audiovisual equipment. Laptops and palm tops must be specified.

Indequity distinguishes between two levels of security:
1. Standard security
2. High security

Standard security is the minimum requirement for cover to be provided on any household content. The minimum requirement is burglar bars on all opening windows and security gates on all exterior doors. Sliding glass doors must be fitted with an additional lock that is operated with a key. It is recommended that security gates be installed to protect sliding glass doors.

High security is distinguished by the installation of one of the following measures:

A fully functional alarm that is radio-linked to an armed response service. The alarm must be activated whenever the residence is unoccupied, even if your domestic help is on the property (i.e. resident in his/her quarters). Likewise, the alarm must be activated at night. Crime statistics show that, for your own safety (as well as your insurer’s peace of mind) it is imperative that the alarm be activated when you are asleep; OR
An Indequity-approved security complex with an electric boundary fence, appropriate access control and 24-hour security guards.

Should the value of your household contents amount to R350 000 or more, Indequity requires the installation of high security measures.
Should the value of your household contents amount to less than R350 000, and high security measures be installed, you will be entitled to a discount on your premiums.

Kindly refer to the complete policy wording for more detailed information regarding this section and any extensions thereunder. You are also more than welcome to contact us for any assistance.

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